A Series of Unfortunate Events full series

A Series of Unfortunate Events is a TV series which tells about the events which have happened during a tragic fire, the cause of which subsequently has not been found. It destroys the native house of three children and currently takes their loved ones.

After Baudelaire, Violet, Klaus and Sunny are orphaned, there suddenly appears a distant cousin Count Olaf, who becomes their legal guardian. After finding out that together with children he does not receive the rights to the family’s wealth, the guardian starts making different bullying over the children, arranging for those countless audacious tests.

Sunny D comedy series

Sunny D is a comedy series which introduces viewers to a hero named Dan. The man dreams lifelong of becoming a famous actor, in particular, the successful stand-up comedian. Realization of dreams is complicated by the fact that, despite his thirty years, Dan was still living with his not so easy relatives. In addition, he has to communicate with native eccentric twin sister. On top of all this, the protagonist is also working on tedious post at the office to which he was always chained during the usual eight hours.

“Romanzo Criminale – La serie” is it worth watching?

Romanzo Criminale – La serie is a TV series the action of which takes place in the 70s – 80s of the last century in Rome. The plot revolves around three best friends – Lebanese, Freddie and Dandy.

Once they decide to get easy money and use for this purpose quite unlawful manner. Heroes abduct a very rich and important person and force the relatives to pay ransom. Money received from the crime, they do not spend recklessly, but invest in a criminal business. They are doing quite well, but friends have quite a lot of troubles from the competitors and then they decide to eliminate them, using the most daring and rough methods. The main characters quickly achieve success and become very rich.

As one would expect, their illegal activities attract attention of the police, in particular, experienced commissioner Shaloya, who is constantly on the trail of criminals. In the end, the Lebanese is being arrested, but suddenly for him, he is helped by the people associated with the government. As it turns out, they have their own plans for him and his friends.

Carlos – biographical thriller

Carlos is a biographical thriller the plot of which is based on the life story of the notorious international terrorist by the name of Carlos. During the 70 – 80-ies of the last century, he was probably one of the most important figures of the international terrorism and performed terrorism activities simalteneously for several organizations, namely “”PFLP”” and Japanese “”Red Army.””

It all began in the early 1970s in the UK capital. It was then that zealous young revolutionary from Venezuela, Carlos the Jackal, driven by the good intention to help the oppressed countries of the “”third world””, decides to join the Palestinian group, which at that time has been leading the underground struggle against the Israeli policy in the Middle East. Over time, Carlos founded his own organization and became to be not the revolutionary, but the corrupt hired criminal who carries out orders for the intelligence of the Heart and the Middle East.