Top Telly series to download

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Today it is cheap and easy to download series from the internet. TV shows have gained popularity, especially in recent years. ┬áThe ability to download TV┬áseries in mkv allows you a couple of choices, such as watching it later and you don’t need to have internet access after you download the series.

The list of Top Telly Series that are worth downloading and watching in 2016-2017

People of Earth is a comedy series which introduces the viewers to the incredulous journalist who absolutely does not believe in alien life forms. Once, the heads entrusted him to make a report about the victims who were abducted by aliens. As a result, Ozzy gets into a group that was created specifically for this kind of people. Here, they share their stories and support others. At first, the journalist totally holds his positions, but soon, he gradually begins to consider these stories to be quite true, and even begins to suspect that he was abducted by aliens some time ago.

Chance is a dramatic thriller the plot of which revolves around the experienced neuropsychiatrist from San Francisco. This hero by friends and a succession of accidents turns out to be in a difficult and dangerous situation. By virtue of the profession, he is an expert on the backstreets of mind. Along the way, the protagonist faces with errors in the identification of victims, the presence of corrupt police officers, sophisticated identity theft schemes, as well as a wide range of psychiatric abnormalities. And this entire he will have to gain insight.

Carnival Row is a serial thriller filled with mysticism and designed in Victorian decor. The plot demonstrates the way in which people may coexist with the variety of fantastic creatures such as elves, fairies and vampires. The central character of the series is a professional detective. Now he begins to investigate a string of crimes in which he suspects the unknown for him maniac which appeared in the city. To be able to catch him, the hero must understand the reasons for these murders.

Stag is a series designed in the genre of comedy thriller. The plot tells the story of a group of friends who are called by one fellow to entertain and then suggested others to organize a hunting in the Scottish wood. Guests endorsed the idea after finding out that it is full of potential targets. But soon, the whole company changes its role and becomes a target of hunting. Invisible Hunter begins to kill them one by one. The men are struggling with panic and fear and decide how to get out of this damned forest. But the killer is not going to stop, because he still has a lot of bullets.

Crashing series by Channel4

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Crashing is a comedy series the plot of which focuses on the life of a group of young people who live in some kind of an abandoned hospital, pledging to look after it and in return they pay symbolic rents for it. The idea of the series focuses on the problem of the lack of affordable housing, as the prices in London are very inflated.

Because of this, there has appeared the practice of temporary housing search from the owners, who are going abroad or moving into the houses, which for various reasons, are without supervision for a long period of time.

The Exorcist series by FOX

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The Exorcist is a series which is a TV version of the novel of the same name, as well as the film of the 1973 year. The action of the story takes place in our days. The story line combines very different characters, priests Ortega and Lang.

Although the first is very discreet in his faith and the second is very warlike in the name of God’s word, the two decide to form an alliance in order to confront the demonic entity which instills in the unfortunate family. During their battle with otherworldly force, only the shield of faith will protect the heroes of the horror of pure evil.

The Young Pope series by HBO

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The series The Young Pope will tell you about the everyday life of the modern world with all its present-day realities.

Lenny Belardo is an American priest with Italian origins. However, one day he calls himself Pius XII. This event gave rise to a lot of problems which the main character will have to overcome. And this is not strange, because everyone wanted to have his name inscribed in the history. Many of them even for a long time were trying to get this post, but the young Lenny managed to make the impossible possible. So he received a spiteful of critics and envious. At first, Lenny will doubt his abilities. Therefore, there arises one main question, will he be able to overcome this fear and lead this Lent with dignity. Follow the latest news and learn more details about the ironic series The Young Pope, which will appear on the screens in 2016.

Lucky Series by Stan Lee book

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The plot of the series “Lucky” is based on a comic book by Stan Lee.
The main character is Harry Clayton, who works in the criminal investigation department in London, he is a good person and a fan of the business. However, he cannot be called lucky, because luck has always avoided the man. In personal relationships Harry is going through a divorce with his wife, who in addition also takes her son. Clayton’s management consider him having some relation to the devil. Besides, he owes a huge sum to the mafia that is not going to forgive the debt, and is ready to return it at any price. But one day he meets a mysterious stranger who gives him the ancient bracelet. After the meeting, there began to happen amazing things. He seems to be incredibly lucky. However, the main character is not even aware that very soon he will have to pay for such a modest gift.